(n.) the obsessive repetition of an act until it is mastered


Our namesake comes from how we learned to create films.

Our personal palinoia has driven us to practice our craft with incessant enthusiasm. With each film we finish, we learn more about the creative process and our production quality increases. We are 110% confident in in our film making skills, and continue to improve day by day.

Behind The Camera.


Brian Durkee

Palinoia’s creative director, Brian Durkee, should be an mechanical engineer according to his college diploma but he pursued a different career of creating videos because he didn’t want to sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day. He now sits behind a desk 10 hours a day editing videos instead. His dog died 8 years ago and he still gets sad every time he sees a dog that reminds him of Sophie.

Brian is such a kind, handsome, talented young man.
— Brian's mom, Emily
Brian was absolutely delightful to work with and completely captured our vision and more. We could not be more satisfied.
— Actual client
Brian and I shared a bunk bed for a year. Great guy to share a bunk bed with.
— Brian's friend, Kirk.

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